Welcome to Galvanised, a century old galvanised iron (of course) shed located in the main street of Millthorpe. Once used for storing produce for the next-door general store, this classic piece of Australian architecture is now a smart, if quirky, gallery selling a wide range of items that will delight your senses.

Linda and Laurie Williams moved to Millthorpe in 2009 and spent a year restoring the shed before opening Galvanised in December 2010.

Here is a gallery of photos to show you what we are and what we sell.

Opening hours: 10am to 4pm, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Address: 17 Pym Street, Millthorpe, NSW, 2798
Phone: 0429 877 276
Email: linda@galvanisedatmillthorpe.com.au

Our exterior is much the same as it has been for nearly a hundred years.


Here it is during a recent snow fall.


Inside, you'll find a treasure trove of quirky, beautiful and yummy things.



Lampshades, things for kids


Retro furniture, cushions, hessian coffee bags


Beautiful locally crafted timber furniture


Woollen and alpaca products, scarves, mirrors, clocks


Bathroom and beauty products, a large range of pre-loved cook books


Quirky retro furniture


Lollies, lots and lots of old-time British and Australian lollies


Coffee, beans and ground, and a wide range of coffee equipment


including classic La Pavoni espresso makers


Paintings, photographs and rugs


Cute cast iron animals, candle holders, bird cages, bells, etc., etc., etc.


Both our gallery and our website are constant works in progress with a focus on works by our local artists and craftspeople.



Please visit again to see what is new, and we would love to see you at Galvanised at Millthorpe